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b+d "Card-Stickers" for Neon Red Card

by b+d
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b+d "Card-Sticker" - based on an idea by Hary Milas, Australia's top referee.

Optimally usable on the red and yellow card!
The sticker is placed on the disciplinary card before the game and can be used as an extra note card during the game. After the match, the foil can be easily removed and added to the match report. If written in pencil , the notes on the sticker can be erased and the foil can be reused.

- Set of 10
- Adhesive film/sticker to stick on the card
- Ideal addition to the game note card
- Works best with pencil
- 11.5cm x 8.5cm. (when using the FIFA format cards, we recommend to cut off the bottom a bit)
- Easily removable

This set is for the red card .
Image of the playing area to record the location of the offence, jersey number, time and type of offence.

These abbreviations simplify the entry of the reasons for the disciplinary action.

b + d "Card-Sticker" - based on an idea by Hary Milas, Australia's Top Referee.

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