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Fox40 mini CMG

by Fox40
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Referee whistle type "FOX 40 CLASSIC TM" is a classic in the referee world. This fox 40 classic referee whistle is especially for referees and trainers who have the whistle in their mouth for a long time. It is a must for every referee but also useful for every coach or trainer. The Fox40 classic does not contain a ball, so it works in all weather conditions and never fails. The Fox40 classic has a clear and powerful tone with a long range. And is for indoor and outdoor use.

Features of the Fox40 classic:

- Black color.

- Specially for referees de  flute in their mouth for a long time.

- Supplied without matching neck strap.

- No moving parts (such as a ball) that can freeze, get stuck or break.

- The harder you blow, the louder the sound.

- Loudness: 115dB.

- Audible up to 1 km away.

- The three air chambers are designed to self-clean after immersion in water.

- Recommended by FIFA and other sports authorities.

40 classic CMG with finger grip z

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