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Do you need the order very quickly? It is then possible to urgently collect the order from our warehouse. Please send us an email so that we can ensure that your order is ready:

How do you reach our warehouse?


The address of our warehouse is: Rigtersbleek-Westend 37521 RC Enschede. Loading, unloading and collection takes place at the rear of the building. To do this, navigate to: Rigtersbleek Westend in Enschede. If you drive straight through here, you will arrive at our outdoor area.

Our logistics activities have been outsourced to Fulfillment Today BV . They process our orders and store our goods.

You can enter at the pedestrian door next to roller door 10 to pick up the order. A Fulfillment Today employee will help you with this. Please have the order number, which starts with SR, at hand.

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Fulfillment Today

Rigtersbleek-Westend 3
7521 RC Enschede

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