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Touch-Line Beep Flags – set of 3

UGC 5511
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- Constant signal with longer range: Provides reliable performance over longer distances.
- Quickly programmable: Ready to use in seconds.
- Different signal intervals: Makes it easy to distinguish signals from different sources.
- Reinforced and optimized breaking points: Designed for extra durability.
- Innovative "Touch-Lok" quick coupling: For quick and secure attachment.
- Early battery warning: Keeps you informed of the battery status.
- Easy battery replacement: Works with standard 9V block batteries that are easy to replace.
- Waterproof handle with rubber finish: Provides a firm grip and works in all weather conditions.


2-piece set:

- 3 electronic flags with cloth
- 2 × 9V batteries
- 1 receiver with vibration
- 1 bracelet with pocket for the recipient
- 1 storage bag

This set combines ease of use, reliability and durability, ideal for various applications.

Delivery time:

In stock: 1 working day
On backorder: 10-15 working days

The Touch-Line Beep Flags are available in the following versions:

Set of 2 : A pager and two flags
Set of 3 : A pager and three flags

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