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Premier sock tape 19mm

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Over the past 10 years, Premier Sock Tape has risen to the top of the UK and European football market as the number 1 sock tape. Professional football players in England, the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Italy and many other countries around the world are aware of the benefits of a tape that works with the player rather than against them. Other brands of sock tape will contract and cut off blood flow to the muscles during muscle warm-up. This "turnstile" effect can interfere with optimal performance for the athlete.

Premier Sock Tape has the unique ability to remain flexible as the muscles warm up. Players have reported that Premier Sock Tape feels very light (as if they were not wearing a tape). Some players even call the Premier Sock Tape their "Lucky tape", so it's a fact that athletes perform better when they don't feel any interference with muscles and/or nerves in their legs and feet.

The unique material from which the Premier Sock Tape is made and the secret finishing process (therefore no other company can copy this product) is the reason why Premier Sock Tape is the number 1 sock tape to date.

Premier Sock Tape... Often imitated, never matched!

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